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Spanish plant-based shoemakers

Millions of animals are killed every year to make the shoes we wear. The livestock industry is the most polluting industry in existence, even ahead of transport. Moreover, this industry is associated with the deforestation of the planet.

Veganism is a vehicle for change. It is the key to reducing CO2 emissions, saving water and respecting the life of other living beings.

Fashion industry is the second most polluting and one of the most opaque sectors in existence. Several million people, including children, work and are exploited within the supply chain where the clothes we wear are manufactured.

We are here to give a voice to those who do not have one.

Our philosophy revolves around three axes:

1. We use our company to provide a solution to the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves. Veganism is a vehicle for change, it is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our water footprint.

2. Animals are a value in their own right and have the right to a life without suffering.

3. Make the fashion industry visible, transparent to the consumer and provide all the information to make good and conscious decisions.

Our aim is to make biodegradable sneakers. Our production centres located in Elche (Spain) and Portugal are managed by families. We use materials developed by ourselves such as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, grown only with water (no pesticides), and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

Each of our sneaker collections has a social project associated with it, with which we manage to balance our impact and improve the lives of the most vulnerable living beings.


We work with Agua ONG to build water wells in underserved areas of Uganda.

Together with Eden Reforestation Projects we have several reforestation projects in Madagascar and Mozambique.

We collaborate with Waste Free Oceans by making monthly donations for marine litter collection and to generate environmental awareness educational projects.

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