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We are committed to working towards a better future, recognizing that our present actions will shape the world that future generations inherit.

We firmly believe that education plays a pivotal role in constructing a formed society that is aware of the climate crisis, open to thinking innovatively with a sustainable perspective, and willing to take action.

We have partnered with a local nursery school in our hometown, Elche, to achieve this goal. This partnership aims to provide young children with access to early education.

The proper development of future generations is paramount if we are to address the ongoing environmental crisis effectively. It is evident that the children of tomorrow will need to navigate a complex climate situation. Equipping them with critical thinking skills will empower them to devise solutions for the challenges of the future. The better-educated children are, the more effective action they will pursue.

Our ELEVATE and LEONARDO 02 collections are aligned with this initiative. A portion of every purchase is directly allocated to this project, ensuring year-round education access for a child.


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