Black Friday has become a global phenomenon responsible for creating a peak in consumption in a short period of time. As a result, the entire world is put on a challenge in order to respond to the high demand generated. Black Friday involves ecological degradation and extreme forms of labor exploitation. The worst consequences of Black Friday are suffered by the planet, highly affected by polluting emissions and waste generated. Workers are also forced to work for extra hours in poor working conditions to meet the requirements of the industry.

From Flamingos life, in our commitment to the conservation of the planet, will be closing our online store on November 26th. By doing this, we make sure that we are not involved in any way with Black Friday. It is the only way to avoid generating more ecological damage and respect the life of all living beings.

In a globalized world, joining forces with other brands aware of the problem is crucial to create a powerful statement against the inhuman and non-ecological consequences that Black Friday has. The final goal is to spread the message and create awareness about what Black Friday really means.

There are plenty of good reasons for not being part of Black Friday. With all its over-the-top discount hysteria, it's a day that helps very few and harms a lot more - be it in social, ecological, or economic terms. We've no desire to support this kind of frenzied consumerism, either as producers or personally as consumers.

And on this day, that's precisely why we – a handful of like-minded brands – are not just saying no, but standing together. We'll be fielding various initiatives and constructive actions for fair and sustainable ways of doing business and consuming, including:

- The bag makers at FREITAG are closing their online store and getting people to swap bags instead.

- Secrid, the cardprotector inventors, are offering their customers a free repair service.

- The soapmakers at Soeder are calling on their customers to refill without waste.

- The folding bike pioneer Brompton is offering a free bike hire in the UK to encourage riding instead of spending.

- The sustainable surf and yoga clothing pros, Oy, are also closing their online store and calling for donations instead.

Thanks for saying no and spreading the word.


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