Cookies Policy

In compliance of the Law Real Decree 13/2012, on 30th of March which ammends the Society Services of Information Law, and in relation to the use of cookies on websites; BLOOM ORGANIZATION, S.L. informs you that this website uses cookies for measure and analyse the traffic on the website, in order to ensure your experience as user and provide a better service.

It is part of the Privacy Policy of the Web Site (onwards the "Website"). If you continue navigating we consider that you accept and consent not only the Privacy Policy but also the use of cookies in this web site, which are described below.

1. Definition and functions of cookies

A cookies is a small text file which a website storage in your computer, phone or any other device with information about your navigation behaviour in such website.

Cookies permits a website, among others, storage and recover information about navigation habits of the users or their devices. Depending of the obtained information and the way that the device uses it, cookies can be used to know the user and improve the navigation by making it comfortable without damaging the computer.

2. ¿What are cookies used for in this website?

The main objectives of our cookies are improve user's navigation experience. They are an essential part of how our website works because through cookies we collect information about how you use our content. To do this, we use our own and third party cookies, which allow us to perform the analysis of user navigation.

All the obtained information through cookies let us to customize the content depending on your interests, but, in under no circumstances, our cookies obtain personal data, neither they can read data or other cookies from your computer or device. In this sense, we have only access to the personal information that you provide us by our contact forms.

Specifically, our cookies provide us the following information: .

- The name of the networks' provider domain. For example, if your provider is XXX we only identify you with the domain By these procedure we can elaborate statistics about countries and servers which visit more frequently our website.
- Time and date of accessing the website and the time that the user remains in it. That let us know which is the most affluence hour and make adjustment on prices to prevent the saturation of the website.
- The internet address (URL) from where is placed the link to our website. Thanks to that, we can know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that point to our server. This way we can improve those with better results and satisfy the information needs of our users.
- The number of daily users in each content. That let us know the most successful areas and increase and improve its content in order to let the users obtain a more satisfying information. The information obtained is totally anonymous, which means that cannot be associate to an specific and identifiable user.
- The chosen language for each user in its first visit to our website and the restricted space.
- Security elements that takes part of the access control to restricted areas.
- The activity of users inside the website; links and places that the users access, pages visited, searches done, etc. That let us to improve the functionality of the website and make it more attractive and useful for the user.

3. ¿Which type of cookies uses this website?

4. How to eliminate or deactivate cookies.