Millions of animals are killed every year in order to make the shoes that we wear. Livestock industry is the most pollutant in the world, more even than trucking. In addition, this industry is related with deforestation of the planet.

Veganism is a vehicle of change. It is the key to reduce our CO2 emissions, save water and respect life of other living beings. Fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet and one of the most opaque that exists.

Several millions of people, including children, work being exploited inside supply chains where the clothes we wear are manufactured.

We are here to give a voice to those who don’t have it.

Our philosophy revolves around three axes:

1.    We use our company to provide a solution to ecological crisis that we are facing. Veganism is a vehicle of change, is the key to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce our water footprint.

2.    Animals are a value for themselves and they have right to live without suffering.

3.    Making the fashion industry visible, ensuring its processes are transparent for the consumer and proving all the information they need to make accurate and mindful decisions.

We make biodegradable shoes. All our production centers are local, located in Elche (Spain) and managed by families. We use materials developed by ourselves as corn waste, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, grown using just water (with no pesticides) and natural rubber sustainably extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

Each shoe collection is associated with a social project that acts to balance our footprint and that improves lives of the most disadvantaged living beings on the planet.

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We work with Agua ONG in the construction of water wells in barren areas of Africa.


Together with Eden Reforestation Projects we run several reforestation projects in Madagascar and Mozambique.


We collaborate with Waste Free Oceans making monthly donations towards collecting marine debris and creating educational projects to promote environmental awareness.


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