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Unlocking the hidden truth of the fashion industry

We are facing the biggest challenge in our recent history: saving the planet from the ecological crisis that human beings have generated in the last 50 years.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet and one of the most opaque that exists. Most companies do not share information about the process behind manufacturing their products. This deliberate secrecy affects the entire supply chain: from the CO2 emissions generated while extracting the raw materials, to the way these are transported, to workplace and child labour exploitation, to the end consumers that do not have the tools to make mindful and accurate decisions.

We uphold radical transparency as a fundamental axis of our organisation. Our goal is to unlock the hidden truth of the fashion industry and to make the entire supply chain more democratic.

We establish a key collaboration with the sustainable fashion consulting company BCOME. Together with BCOME, we carry out a deep analysis of our production processes, measuring our environmental footprint with the goal of giving customers true, clear and concise information about our entire supply chain. 

An extensive study that analysed various factors within our production processes such as raw materials, working conditions, corporate traceability, product cycle and waste, among other aspects.

The BCOME analysis focuses on and links to each sneakers design in our collection. Many aspects were studied and the most important have been outlined on every product page within the collection.

Thanks to the project developed in collaboration with BCOME, we can confirm that in the production of our last collection we achieve to save over 69.083 m3 of water compared with a pair of conventional sneakers.

The introduction of biodegradable raw materials, such as corn and bamboo, is crucial to reduce carbon emissions and toxicity. In fact, with our last collection we emitted 85.484 kg less CO2 and 44.400 grams less PO4 compared with a pair of conventional sneakers.



The social sphere is another main focus area of the study conducted with BCOME.

Around 100 people contribute to the creation of one of our sneaker designs, from first sketches, to the cultivation and treatment of new raw materials, to the cutting, sewing, vulcanising and packaging which get the product ready for sale.

BCOME certifies that everybody who contributes to the creation of our sneakers performs their work under safe and ethical working conditions.

The results collected not only allow us to maintain transparency as one of our fundamental axes, but also establish a starting point to keep improving on our environmental and social commitment.


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