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We collaborate with Eden Reforestation Projects in different reforestation schemes directly impacting the repopulation of trees in Madagascar and Mozambique.

Every pair you purchase from the Classic 70s collecion directly helps to plant 5 trees with the NGO "Eden Reforestation Projects".

This collaboration help us to balance our carbon footprint and reforest the planet.

Madagascar has more than 200,000 species of plants and animals that do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Currently, more than 90% of Madagascar's original forests have been destroyed, affecting and displacing many species of animals and reducing the land’s natural ability to retain moisture. This causes droughts, among other negative environmental phenomena.

Together with Eden Projects, we are reforesting estuaries of ecologically devastated mangroves in the northwest of the country.

Mangroves are an essential ecosystem with dense roots that serve as an anchor for the soil and the coast, preventing erosion and creating a barrier between ocean systems and the land.

One of the main goals that we have with Eden Projects is to reforest and revive the natural habitat of endangered animal species.

Madagascar has some of the most unique and rare plant and animal species on earth. However, 50% of them are in danger of extinction. One of the rarest mammal species on earth, the lemur, lives in the forests of Madagascar.

More than half of all lemur species are classified as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. In the last 2,000 years, at least 15 species of lemurs have become extinct. The two main reasons why these fascinating creatures are disappearing are poaching and deforestation.


Recovering forests means creating a safe heaven for lemurs and the many other endangered species of Madagascar.


Using ‘employed to plant’ methodology, we have hired hundreds of local villagers to restore their land by planting trees.


Mozambique is located on the east coast of Africa and 68% of its population lives in rural areas of the country. With over 45% of the population living below the poverty line, Mozambique's population relies heavily on its natural resources and forests to survive.

Mozambique is home to 20 endangered bird species and more than 200 mammal species.

Like Madagascar, Mozambique is home to vast mangrove forests that have been decimated and largely destroyed.

Together with Eden Reforestation Projects, we are working with local communities and villagers to restore, replant and protect these precious forest systems.


Forest reforestation give employment to the mozambican population, enabling individuals to emerge from poverty.

Mozambique is home to more than 5,700 plant species, 685 bird species, 195 mammal species and 228 reptile species. Through reforestation, we are also protecting the Mozambican ecosystem for all the species that inhabit it.




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