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The Californian NGO “Eden Reforestation Projects” has been developing reforestation projects in devastated areas around the world since 2005. Part of their commitment is to involve local people in the reforestation process so that their communities can develop and grow through work.

Our collaboration with Eden Projects began with the launch of our first sneakers in projects developed in Madagascar and Mozambique.

The main achievements of the project developed with Eden Reforestation Projects have been:

  • To reforest some of the most deforested areas on the planet.
  •  Provide food for the local people responsible for reforesting these areas.
  • Building shelters for wildlife threatened by deforestation.
  • Helping people lift themselves out of extreme poverty.
  • Provide medicines to local people.
  • Increase crop yields.
  • Regenerate the soil through a tree planting program.

Since we began working together, our community has enabled the planting of more than 275.000 trees.


Reforestation Project


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