Water is the basis of life for all living beings on the planet. Such a fundamental resource should be guaranteed for all people. However, 663 million people in the world do not have access to drinking water. This is an issue that affects the African continent particularly badly, where 319 million people lack access to this resource.

The main consequence of this problem are diseases resulting from drinking contaminated water, which are one of the leading causes of death among the child population in Africa.

Another of the major problems caused by the lack of drinking water is the distance people have to walk in order to access this resource. 263 million people all over the world have to walk for at least 30 minutes per day to find drinking water. Women and girls in particular invest a significant part of their day in journeying to pick up water. This reality affects their opportunities for development, as they cannot dedicate time to studies or work.


Our RETRO 90’s sneakers and OLD 80’S boots are linked to the construction of water wells in Africa, in collaboration with Agua ONG. Each water well constructed is able to provide drinking water for 500 people in barren areas, improving their quality of life as their risk of suffering diseases decreases. The construction of a water well also ultimately increases people’s productive capacity, as they can minimise the time they spend finding water and achieve a more grounded life. These improvements to people’s lives are the key factor boosting the economic development of the area where the well has been constructed.

For each pair of sneakers that you buy from our OLD 80’s boots or RETRO 90’s sneakers collections you are contributing to solving the problem of insufficient clean water supply in Africa.


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