Water is the basis of life for all living beings on the planet. Such a fundamental resource should be guaranteed for all people. However, 663 million people in the world do not have access to drinking water.

319 million people lack access to drinking water in the African continent.

This problem has many consequences for the people affected. The first of them are diseases resulting from drinking contaminated water, which, in many cases, leads to an importance number of deaths, especially among child population.

Diseases caused by drinking contaminated water makes even more difficult to have a steady job and affects to child schooling.

This problem affects especially to women and children, who are the responsibles of picking up water. Women don't have the time to have a job that allows them to be independent and improve their empowerment. In addition, women's health is seriously affected due to the physical effort that they need to make, most of them end suffering bone injuries for the rest of their lives.

Children are not capable of keeping the pace at school. As consequence of this, children have to give up studies being practically illiterates. A situation that extremely affects to their development possibilities.

Our RETRO 90s and OLD 80s collections are linked to the construction of water wells at remote areas of Uganda, in collaboration with Agua ONG. Thanks to your commitment you have made possible the construction of the first water well that provides drinking water for 500 people.

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