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What if CO2 emissions are not reduced? What if the waste generated by overconsumption continues? What if the sneaker industry continues to kill millions of animals? What if fair working conditions are not respected and child labour is not prosecuted? What kind of world do you want to live in?

Your decisions shape the future. Act.

We created flamingos life to make the world a better place by providing a plant-based and truly fair alternative to the sneaker industry.

A commitment that means nothing without facts.

- 100% vegan since founded.
- 45% of our sneaker weight is made from plants.
- Continuously increasing the biodegradability levels of our products with each new collection.
- Development of innovative materials and components in cooperation with local suppliers.
- Ethically produced in Spain and Portugal.
- High-quality craftsmanship by experienced artisans.
- 263.783 trees planted.
- 25.596 kilograms of plastic collected from the ocean.
- Three water wells built in remote areas of Uganda to supply clean water to 1.500 people.

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